Our School - School Song

(At St. Mary’s) We Shine

(Words and Music Shelley Bates)
This is our school
This is our time,
A time to learn
A time to shine;
Working together,
Growing through Christ,
At St. Mary’s, we shine
Respect the past
And learn the present
To keep the future
Safe for us all.
Striving together,
Achieving our goals,
At St. Mary’s, we shine
Inspire in our hearts, oh Lord,
Desire to read your word
And learn to be the best we can be -
Showing Christ’s Light to the world.
We thank You, Lord
For all Your gifts.
We’ll follow Christ
And serving Him
Quinn and Iona
Sharing the load;
At St. Mary’s, we shine -
At St. Mary’s, we shine