Curriculum - Support

Catholic Education in Western Australia is committed to meeting the education needs of all who want a Catholic school education, including those with special needs.

In fact, it is mandated:
'The values of the gospel lead to genuine peace and harmony. They make easier the promotions of reconciliation, justice, compassion and mercy as well as special commitment to the poor, the disabled and to all those with special needs.' (2009-2015 CECWA Mandate 21)
Within our system, there are a number of personnel and roles that support the effective and ongoing education and care of all students.
At St Mary's we are able to draw the services of:
  • Non-Government School Psychology Services
  • Warren Blackwood Health Team
  • CEOWA School Support Consultants
and employ a support teacher and Education Assistants to provide in class and withdrawal support for students.
Support Teacher:
Mrs Gemma Hester