Our Community - Parents and Friends Association

Every parent is a member of the Parents and Friends Association (P&F). It makes an important contribution to the development of our schools community spirit, as well as providing essential morale and financial support to our school.

The P&F makes a significant financial contribution to our school. It is our fundraising body and it’s sub committees run the school lunches during the year, Busy Bee, Sports Coaching, Uniform Shop, Book Club, and organise social events.

Our current P&F Committee is:
President............ Liz Twigg 
Vice President... Kate Cumming
Treasurer........... Aliesha Bock 
Secretary........... Emma Fortune

  • The objectives of the P&F Association are:
  • To develop community within the school;
  • To promote closer liaison between the school and community;
  • To foster community interest in education; To assist in the provision of school amenities.

Our P&F activities are organised by a core group of volunteers nominated at the school’s Annual General meeting in November each year. Everyone can attend any of the meetings and/or assist with any of the activities held throughout the school year.

 2016 AGM Minutes

The Annual Cricket Sundowner organised and funded by the P&F in Term 1 has proved to be a popular event and a great way to welcome new families and catch up with friends after the summer break.